G-FORCE NETWORK is a professional social media platform for purpose-driven people who want to connect with others who are inspired to change the world.

Unlike the "cancel culture" controlling the popular data harvesting social media sites, G-FORCE is open to everyone and doesn't censor content. We will never delete you from our platform because you present hard evidence on an important topic, hold a different or unpopular opinion, or because you challenge the mainstream narrative.

We will not condone trolls paid to cause division, hateful rhetoric, or groups formed around negative intentions, pornography, or excessive profanity.

You're welcome to post anything you think is valuable to share, but this is not your typical social media site. You won't see G-FORCE members enamored with glamorized mediocrity such as that portrayed in mainstream media, political theatre, or pop culture. We value exceptional people, amazing ideas, epic failures, dangerous developments, incredible inventions, different ways of thinking, and anything that helps others BE, FIND, and PURSUE the best version of themselves.

This community is made up of doers who engage in intelligent discussions, propose viable solutions, and embrace the diversity of being our amazing, unique selves. We believe our differences as well as our similarities empower us as individuals and as a communal force of nature capable of accomplishing anything.

We encourage the formation of business pages for Ethical Companies at any stage of development, Community Groups, Assemblies, Project Development Teams, and Think Tanks to collaborate, empower, and expand the possibilities, opportunities, comprehension, and impact of everyone on the G-FORCE NETWORK.

We are the new platform for members of Life Force Global, a movement dedicated to the restoration of the planet, the people, and the vital energy that connects us all. We're excited to have you here and dedicate ourselves to your success.

We stand with the people and G-FORCE is a call to action to the giant within you. Let's go change the world. Together.